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What they say...

"We had the chance to get an early look at their new watches (and we liked it!)"

- Monochrome, Switzerland

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What we say...

No, we haven't been around for decades. No we're not Swiss and dare not compete with the Swiss brands we love; the guys that got us into this obsession with no known cure. We know that you'd have to be somewhat crazy to be getting into this business today. Why do we do it?


ONE - because we are crazy. TWO - because, to us, this is not a business. THREE - because we simply want to share our eccentric vision for timepieces and appeal to like-minded gentlemen like you. Yes YOU... the handsome stud in front of this screen, who obviously is blessed with ridiculously good taste. 

Makina means "Machine". It is a Filipino watch brand, family-run, that manufactures and assembles in both Manila and Hong Kong. All parts are designed from scratch. Never stock parts. Never off the shelf; From case, crown, dial, hands to strap. Movements are customized and are made in Switzerland. 


From man behind the Machine,

Danilo Villanueva

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